Yoga With Dianne Bondy

Yoga With Dianne Bondy

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Yoga With Dianne Bondy
  • Introduction to Chair Yoga

    Introduction to yoga practice on a chair. Dianne talks about equipment and leads your in a yoga routine on a chair.

    Equipment: Chair (anything that provides back support and is solid), yoga mat, blocks, couch bolster. Equipment is optional, Dianne will give you substitute household items.

  • Basic Chair Yoga

    A 20 minute basic chair yoga routine with Dianne Bondy.

    Equipment: Chair, mat and yoga strap (optional)

  • Basic Chair Yoga

    A 20 minute basic yoga workout on the chair with Dianne Bondy.

    Equipment: Two chairs, yoga blocks and yoga strap (can use soup cans and a belt)

  • Chair Assist Yoga

    Yoga Chair Practice for Beginners

    Equipment: Chair or bench, yoga blocks or books (optional), bolster or couch cushion.

  • Beginner Basics Yoga

    A 30 minute yoga workout for beginners on the mat.

    Equipment: Mat, yoga blocks and couch pillow. Can use soup cans instead of blocks.

  • Advanced Yoga

    Advanced yoga routine with Dianne Bondy.

    Equipment: Yoga Mat, blocks and a strap. Or equivalent household items

  • Advanced Yoga

    Dianne Bondy introduces you to Power Yoga Flow. This routine is good for those who have previously practiced yoga, have done the intro videos and are more familiar with the postures and poses. Focus will be on building on strength, resistance and endurance.

    Equipment: Yoga mat, block or equivale...